Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday is the Most Thirdish Day of the Week

Had fun at Rangers last night? Of course you did, doing all those Rangerish things. Fun times young lady, fun times.

Now work.


Algebra, Lesson 7.11. Oh wait! That's a chapter test and review!!! Yippee! Hour and a half you think maybe?
Geometry, Lesson 8, Indirect Proof.

Lots of copying.

Lecture 4,The Classical Period in World History. Answer review questions.

Work on your Web essay.

Study Skills:
Ha HA! Read the first chapter.

Other stuff:
How's Guns, Germs and Steel going? Talk to me and we'll re-evaluate whether you should go through the whole thing. It's a bit of a big book on top of your other readings. By the way, how is The Fairie Queen going? You've decided to read the whole thing. I should warn you it's actually not complete. I have no idea what that means in terms of what it's missing but Wikipedia said it was incomplete so I'll pass on the info. I also read that the whole thing is allegory.  And one of the longest poems in the English language.You might want to look into that.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Start of a New Week!

We're getting there. We're not up to speed yet and there are a few things that we've been falling behind a bit on but still, it's getting better.

Note: Every instance of "we" should be read as "you".

No lesson today due to being busy doing other things but practice is still happening, right?

Algebra, finish up lesson 7.10.
Geometry, chapter 1, lesson 7.

Chemistry:Read Ch.2.1. Answer review questions. About Observation worksheet is homework due Monday. Hey, it's Monday. How about that?

Should I assume you found what you needed to start memorizing paradigms and whatever it is you need to do? No? You have today. Tomorrow you start copying the crap out of something Latiny. NO MORE WAITING.

Theory of Knowledge:
On to the next chapter. Read. Take notes for discussion.

Work on your Web essay.

Other stuff:
You're reading John Wyndham's The Trouble With Lichen and loving it so no problem there. Make sure we did the GG forms! I'm writing this on Saturday night for the tomorrow that is now, for you the yesterday. DID WE DO THOSE FORMS???

Bye bye.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday. Huzzah!

In celebration of the arrival of Friday, let me offer this for your morning's enjoyment:

Play like the Devil!

Algebra, 7.10. You know the drill. Read, examples, evens in exercises, odds if you don't display your standard of mastery. Record marks in comments section. YOU'VE BEEN DOING THAT ALL WEEK, RIGHT???
Geometry, Ch. 1, L. 6. Sets 1, 2 and 3.

Read Ch.2.1. Answer review questions. About Observation worksheet is homework due Monday. Come out of your room and into the bigger world of the kitchen for an exciting candle observation.
Save for Monday.

You're signed up for the demo on the Focus publishing site, right? Explore the pronunciation section and see if the grammatica Latina section has what you need. If not, spend about 20 googling to see if you can find what you need grammar wise so I don't have to buy more books. Actually, textkit.com has a bunch of free Latin books you can download
for free and a forum of Latin learners. That might be the best place to start.
Web essay is not due. It is due next Friday. So there.

Theory of Knowledge:
Read p. 40-44 and then come out for an enlightening discussion with me over tea and...whatever I have baked. If I have nothing baked then we might have to simply raid the baking cupboard for chocolate chips.
I was wrong, to you didn't read it and I baked nothing. Bah.

Other stuff:
Did you notice anything missing this week? No Python programming? Huh. Could that be because you didn't schedule it out? Why yes! Yes, it is! Homework for the weekend is to do that and enter it into Scholaric for the next week. Pick days you think you can handle the extra work. Also, you're cooking supper on Sunday. Ha ha! So check with me on what we have and think about what you might like to make. Bug me about sewing and sketching as well. 

Oh, and you have Ranger camps to apply for. TODAY.
Love you. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thursday. I have nothing clever for the title.

I have nothing clever for this bit either.


Algebra 7.9, finish.
Geometry, Ch. 1. L. 5. Sets 1,2, and 3. Remember please to bring set 3 to me if you're having a tough time or want to discuss it. Don't set it aside and let it go.

So, are we subscribing to the Lingua Latina course? I need a decision please.

Skim outline for Lecture 3, "What is a Civilization?" and then listen to it. Answer review questions in binder.

Work in your Web essay.

Science: You can do the worksheet you owe me.

Other Stuff:
Ready read read, And then read some more. You have until next Friday for the Web essay. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wednesday or Holy Hump Day Batman!

Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It's off to work we go! And then there's all these other words, heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho!!!

Practice. Enjoy.

Algebra 7.9, Solving Systems by the Linear Combination Method. Read, do examples and work evens in the exercise. If you score under 90%, do the odds. Record marks in comments section and remember you have time to complete this tomorrow if you don't finish today.
Geometry, Ch.1, L.2. Sets 1,2 and 3. 3 is always a challenger. If you need to, bring it to me.

Do the Scientific Methods worksheet and complete the extra readings in your binder. Also do the Ch. 1 Assessment. What you don't finish is due on Monday morning.

Okay, so you've decided you need to give Lingua Latina a rest for a bit and focus on the brute memorization of the grammar side of things. Well shucks, I found a website that addresses just how to do that.
Give it a quick read. I can print it or for reference if you'd like. Then go to this site, http://focusbookstore.com/courseware.aspx, click on, "demo now," under the Lingua Latina course info and sign up. Tomorrow you'll evaluate what it has to offer, specifically the pronunciation and Grammatica Latina  sections, to see if they're what you're looking for.

Write your thesis in the comments section since you didn't do it yesterday. I know it seems silly but if you do it then I have a handy dandy record of your work right here. Start working on your outline.  It is due Friday.

Read  The Faerie Queene. You'll have time for this tomorrow as well so don't sweat it if it takes awhile.

History: (Sorry, on my phone so no fancy bold font) Listen to lecture 2, "The Neolithic Revolution," again while walking the dog and then answer the review questions in your binder. Point form and incomplete sentences are fine. Messiness and incomplete thoughts or ideas are not. Make sure your paper is clearly labeled and dated.

Other stuff:
Reading, reading, and finish anything undone as homework.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tuesday or On With the Madness!

You did everything you needed to yesterday, right? What a sweet, accommodating child.

Now I have more work for you.

Practice. You love it anyway.

Algebra, 7.8. Finish exercises. record final marks in the comments section.
Geometry. Chapter 1, Lesson 3. Do sets 1, 2 and the challenger, 3.

Pensum B and C. Let me know what chapter you're on in the comment section please.

Skim the outline for lecture 2, "The Neolithic Revolution" then listen to it. Answer the review questions in your binder.

English Composition:
Web essay. There should be a thesis in today's comment section.

Theory of Knowledge:
Read the Nature of Knowledge. Consider the activities and make discussion notes.

Make a point of doing some this evening! There should be nothing left undone from yesterday or today by the time you go to bed. You can work on your assigned readings. Have you scheduled out Guns, Germs and Steel yet?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Holy Crap! We're behind!

Okay, we're behind anyway with your algebra because we dragged out collective arse last year but now we're behind on the NEW school year because you went and got all sickified!


Let's move on to what I expect of you today. Tons. Tons of tons. Tons of tons of tons.

Practice. You have a lesson today!

Foerster's Algebra 7.8 - Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution
Read, work the examples and do evens in the exercise. Test yourself and if you score under 90% do the odds.
Jacob's Geometry Ch. 1, Lesson 2. Do sets 1, 2 and 3.

Read 1.2. Answer the review questions in your binder. We will do the Dazoo activity with Harry.

Grammatica Latina and Pensum A (of some chapter that you did not enter into the Scholaric site. Bad, bad girl.)

You've read John Wyndam's Web and you've mentioned a few interesting thoughts about it. Come up with a thesis and write a short essay on it. Refer to The Lively Art of Writing as needed. I want the thesis statement by tomorrow (put it in the comments section of the blog) and the essay is due on Friday afternoon.

Read Versification in The Norton Anthology of Poetry, all 20 pages. Go back to the first page and reread the information on the three broad categories of poetry. Summarize the definitions in your binder. 
Read Book 1 of The Fairie Queene by Edmund Spenser, p. 152. When I say read I mean read it through once to get a sense of it. Read it through again while paying special attention to the footnotes. Some of this may need to be homework for today. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

You have three weeks left to get Guns, Germs and Steel read. Also, I'd like to keep track of books, short stories, poems, articles you've read and documentaries you've watched. I know I've missed a few from the summer so could you add those to the comments section? PLEEEEEEAAAASE?
I love you dearest child. Muchly.